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1952-1953 Wellsville Lions
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Joseph Markle
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1952-1953 Wellsville Lions
WRESTLING. Blaine Austin set a new school record of 21 pins up to and including the County Meet. FRONT: R. Starks, W. Perry, D. Fuller, D. Graves, M. Finn, B. Austin, J. Potter, J. Green, C. Aldrich, G. Holland. BACK: W. McMurtry, C. Goodliff, R. Mitchell, R. Rahr, R. Burrows, C. Stebbins, Joseph Markle, Coach, J. Shields, J. Ordiway, D. Mictchell, J. MacKenzie. SOURCE: 1953 Sonnontouan. Click for larger image.