Saying goodbye to legend William ‘Bill’ Mosgrove; Belmont Coach, Official
July 18, 2017


BELMONT — To become a legend, it takes years of dedication and positive results while making an impact on those around you. Several towns in the region have legends and it’s always reassuring to run into one at the store, at a high school game or even for a cold one at a local bar.


Mosgrove’s wrestling team in Belmont won five county titles.

“I was amazing, the kids who couldn’t wrestle played basketball. At most schools, it’s the opposite,” he said. “We had a great wrestling team in Belmont until kids started getting cars and with cars came the girls!”


About Coach: Mosgrove is in the Hornell and Allegany County Sports Hall of Fame. The 1956 Hornell High School graduate attended SUNY Brockport and coached soccer, wrestling baseball and tennis at Belmont Central School. He was a Section V official for swimming, wrestling and soccer for close to 60 years. For 54 years, he has been the director of the Rushford Swimming and Summer Recreation Program.