High school wrestling will have a new look this season
SOURCE: www.nfhs.org
October 20, 2017


In case you haven't heard, singlets are out, fight shorts are in. That's right, back in May, the National Federation of State High School Associations approved the two-piece uniform for high school wrestling. Singlets are still legal, and many teams will still be wearing them, but the new rule allows for an alternate competition uniform consisting of a compression shirt (with or without short sleeves) and either compression shorts or "shorts designed for wrestling," commonly known as fight shorts. (The exact rule is posted on Brute's website.)

This new rule was put in place to help increase participation, which has been in decline the past few seasons. The tight-fitting singlet is seen as a barrier to many, especially in the era of the smartphone where pictures of everyone are everywhere, and several teams in Western New York have welcomed the change and are making an immediate switch.

Here are a few that we know of:

Webster Thomas Titans

Penfield Patriots

St. Joe's Marauders

Byron-Bergen Bees