Broken & Rebuilt: The resurrection of Jordan Burroughs
April 16, 2018


Editor's note: The Journal Star went behind the scenes with Jordan Burroughs for three months leading up to this year's Freestyle World Cup in Iowa City, Iowa.

It’s leg day.

Jordan Burroughs is on the first set of a workout he calls quadzilla, and it looks as hard as it sounds. Three lunges on each leg carrying a 95-pound barbell, three lunge jumps with the same weight, three lunge jumps with no weight and three squat jumps to finish.

It’s designed for explosiveness rather than muscle building — if Burroughs builds too much bulk, he won’t make weight, and he’s already 17 pounds over on this January day.

He lets out a grunt as he lifts off for the last two squat jumps, then puts his hands on his knees. Sweat falls from his beard.

One down.