Section V Athletics Announces Winter Scholarship Winners
May 03, 2019


Wrestling: Ty Raines, Churchville Chili High School

Ty started wrestling in second grade, and has wrestled for more than 10 years. In the fall, he plans to attend the University at Buffalo to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering while also continuing his athletic career as part of the wrestling team. He says that what he'll miss most about competing in high school interscholastic athletics is "the camaraderie that extended beyond my teammates. There were countless others supporting and helping me develop my wrestling ability. It extended to other wrestlers, outside HS and club coaches, and fans that were so supportive and willing to offer and provide technique, training tips and pointers to help me attempt to meet my goals. I truly have experienced and will miss that genuine love for the sport of wrestling within Section V and throughout the state. It was an encouraging and supportive structure that naturally extended beyond the competition side of the sport." One word that best describes Ty is "committed."