Is 12 weight classes the best answer to reducing forfeits in high school wrestling?
May 24, 2019


Bethlehem Catholic coach Jeff Karam raised his hands in disgust as his star wrestler, Mikey Labriola, walked to the center of the mat, had his hand raised and walked off without breaking a sweat.

Fans attending the annual Who’s No. 1 competition a couple years ago at Easton Middle School shared the same stare Karam gave Lake Highland Prep coach Mike Palazzo for not sending out a wrestler to face Labriola, a two-time PIAA champion currently competing at the University of Nebraska.

“Our No. 1 enemy of high school wrestling is the forfeit,” Nazareth coach Dave Crowell said. “Seeing guys trotting out and getting their hand raised for nothing, that’s probably the worst part of our sport.”