Lancaster girl wants to wrestle but can't "because I'm a girl"
November 23, 2019


12-year old has won national wrestling awards

LANCASTER, N.Y. (WKBW) — 12-year-old Trista Blasz from Lancaster has a dream: to wrestle.

She's good, really good. In fact, Blasz has even won national competitions, like the Girls' 12U 86-pound weight class NUWAY National Championship back in April.

Not only does she wrestle against girls, she also takes on the boys.

Despite competitively wrestling with boys her entire life, Blasz isn't allowed to wrestle for Lancaster High School's JV team. The school district's doctor, Michael Terranova, refuses to give approval. She is also not cleared to wrestle in a modified weight class.

"I just can't wrestle basically because I'm a girl," Trista said.

"[it] isn't fair, just because she's a girl. And this is the only explanation I can come up with. If she was a boy she'd be on the team already," said Danielle Blasz, Trista's mother.