Trista Wants To Wrestle: Western NY School Denies Opportunity For Female National Champion To Wrestle
November 23, 2019


All Trista Blasz wants to do is wrestle. Until female wrestling is sanctioned in New York, the way to do that is by wrestling in the boys’ program. But Lancaster Central School in western NY won’t let her. Why? Because, according to her mother, she’s a girl.

Trista’s mother, Danielle Blasz, posted on November 8th in the “Wrestle Like a Girl Community Forum,” an organization that advocates for women’s wrestling, “I am beyond disgusted with Lancaster School District Board. Yesterday I received a phone call informing me that Trista could not be part of the JV or varsity wrestling team. Apparently she’s ineligible because…why??? SHE’S A GIRL!!!”