A Match With Meaning
January 31, 2020



Chris Morgan Sr. has plenty of fond memories of watching his son Chris Morgan Jr. (C.J.) compete in wrestling matches inside West Orange High School’s Tarnoff Gymnasium.

In a state with an abundance of wrestling talent, he saw his son work toward two county titles inside the gym. His pride in C.J.’s athletic accomplishments was palpable even over the phone, but his son’s dominance on the mat was not what made him most proud as a father.

“What stood out more than the victories was how he treated his opponents when the match was done.” Chris Sr. said. “He helped them up. He shook their hands and told them ‘hey, good job.’”

Come Friday evening, Chris Sr. and his wife, April, will have a new memory linked to their son inside Tarnoff Gym. Though, this time it will be without their first-born son.