Cornell Senior Wrestlers Grapple With Season Lost to COVID-19
March 25, 2020


Three of Cornell’s senior wrestlers, Chas Tucker, Noah Baughman and Brandon Womack were deprived of their final opportunity to compete for national titles, when NCAA officials canceled all remaining winter and spring championships due to the continued rise of COVID-19.

The early cancellation of the season came on March 12, just one week before the tournament was set to begin. While Baughman said that he braced himself for the worst after a flurry of nationwide disruptions, the NCAA’s official announcement still came as shock.

“There were a lot of emotions at the beginning, and I am still feeling different emotions about it everyday, but at first it really was just utter shock,” he said. “Maybe I was underestimating the seriousness of it at the time, but I never thought that canceling nationals would even really be an option.”