Registration is open for Rochester Rumble Wrestling Club
August 04, 2021


Welcome wrestlers of all ages, all genders, and all abilities!

Our focus at Rochester Rumble is on having a growth mindset. We use a combination of age appropriate drills, movement patterns, techniques, and live scenarios in order for each athlete to maximize their potential. Practices are designed to build off each other in order to provide a natural progression of skill development. Our coaching staff will immerse athletes in all 3 styles of wrestling (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco-Roman), in order to make them a more well-rounded wrestler.

Wrestling technique is only part of our growth mindset. We firmly believe that in order to develop the wrestler, you have to develop the person. Character development is a major focus at Rochester Rumble, because the person you are off the mat is the same person on the mat. The sport of wrestling does an amazing job of building character, but it also reveals it. Our ultimate goal is to empower the boys and girls in our club to become men and women who are future leaders in their communities.