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5th Annual Independent College Athletic Conference Wrestling Championships
February 28, 1969 - March 1, 1969 @ Hobart & William Smith Colleges (Geneva, New York)
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ICAC Wrestling Champions
ICAC Wrestling Champions, left to right, front row: Naysim Simon, Jeff Knetzer and Mull Munno, all of Union; Bob Ross, Hobart; Frank D'Antuono and Ron Ruhl, both of Union. Back row: Bill Clark and Norm Bell of St. Lawrence; John Pandish of RPI; Bill LaRock of St. Lawrence, and Eric Blair of RPI. SOURCE: The Geneva Times, March 3, 1969. Click for larger image. [MORE PICS]

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Team Final

Union College 107, St. Lawrence University 67, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 66, Hobart College 60, Clarkson College of Technology 40

Championship Final (1st)

115  Ron Ruhl (UC) > Richard Kuhn (CCT) decision 11-2
123  Bill Munno (UC) > John Barrows (UC) default
130  Frank D'Antuono (UC) > Gerardo Brown (RPI) default
137  Eric Blair (RPI) > Gene Maxon (HC) decision 5-4
145  Jeff Knetzer (UC) > Ken Baer (RPI) default
152  Bob Ross (HC) > Tom Carlson (RPI) fall 6:21
160  John Clark (SLU) > Mike Dobbin (HC) referee's decision
167  Naysim Simon (UC) > Jay Robinson (CCT) decision 6-4
177  John Pandish (RPI) > Mike Perfit (SLU) decision 4-2
191  Norm Bell (SLU) > Frank Boyar (HC) decision 9-0
HWT  Bill LaRock (SLU) > John Shaler (CCT) fall 3:50

Consolation Final (3rd)

115  Ken Wood (CCT) > Sandy Dorman (HC) decision 10-0
123  Jim Osborne (RPI) > Robert Peet (SLU) referee's decision
130  Gerry Marsella (UC) > Dave Crocker (SLU) decision 9-8
137  Larry Stevens (UC) > Joel Kupperstein (CCT) referee's decision
145  Tom Agone (HC) > Don Brown (SLU) decision 6-2
152  Bart Gale (UC) > Steve French (UC) fall 4:50
160  Bob Ellis (HC) > Dick Rosener (UC) decision 6-4
167  Cliff Libby (RPI) > Ian "Mac" Biggi (UC) DQ
177  Joe Rinaldis (HC) > Jim Thorburn (SLU) decision 4-0
191  Mike Lippold (CCT) > Joe Spence (RPI) decision 4-3
HWT  Pete Kenyon (UC) > Skip Lynch (UC)


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