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Wyoming County Wrestling Championships
February 22, 1960 @ Attica High School (Attica, New York)
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Letchworth Wrestlers Win Five County Titles
Two overtime matches featured the annual Wyoming County League wrestling tournament Monday evening in Attica Central School. SOURCE: Buffalo Evening News, February 23, 1960. Reproduced by armdrag.com with permission. Click for larger image.

Varsity | Winners advance to Section V Class B Quarterfinals


Arcade, Attica, Letchworth, Perry, Warsaw

Championship Final (1st)

 95  Lewis Bannister (Letchworth) > John Wolcott (Perry) decision
103  Gary Eck (Attica) > Coulson Mucher (Letchworth) decision
112  Doug Burg (Attica) > George Ehresman (Letchworth) decision
120  Bob Breitweiser (Arcade) > Jim Broman (Warsaw) fall 1:37
127  Ed Marquart (Letchworth) > Joe Hackett (Arcade) decision
133  Dave Trauscht (Attica) > Jack Hobday (Letchworth) decision
138  Vern Hopkins (Arcade) > Ken Merle (Attica) decision (1OT)
145  Philip Mucher (Letchworth) > Bernie Hoffman (Arcade) decision
154  Jim Wheeler (Attica) > Bruce Binnie (Arcade) fall 1:43
165  Bob Shearing (Letchworth) > Joe Hoffman (Arcade) decision
180  Gerald Ferington (Arcade) > Pete Plowe (Attica) fall (1OT)
UNL  Gary Hale (Letchworth) > Roger Glor (Attica) fall

Championship Semifinals

 95  John Wolcott (Perry) > Dave Hackett (Arcade) decision
 95  Lewis Bannister (Letchworth) > Larry Colton (Attica) decision
103  Gary Eck (Attica) > Lou Hawks (Arcade) fall
103  Coulson Mucher (Letchworth) > Dan Coveny (Warsaw) decision
112  Doug Burg (Attica) forfeit
112  George Ehresman (Letchworth) > Dave Neely (Warsaw) decision
120  Bob Breitweiser (Arcade) > Howard Steves (Attica) decision
120  Jim Broman (Warsaw) > Warren Weaver (Letchworth) decision
127  Ed Marquart (Letchworth) > Allan Meyers (Perry) decision
127  Joe Hackett (Arcade) > Ben Midea (Warsaw) fall
133  Dave Trauscht (Attica) > Jim Parmentier (Perry) decision
133  Jack Hobday (Letchworth) > John Hayes (Warsaw) decision
138  Ken Merle (Attica) > John Lauko (Perry) decision
138  Vern Hopkins (Arcade) > John Willse (Warsaw) decision
145  Philip Mucher (Letchworth) > John Adrian (Perry) fall
145  Bernie Hoffman (Arcade) > Tom Witkowski (Attica) decision
154  Jim Wheeler (Attica) > Ron Anderson (Letchworth) decision
154  Bruce Binnie (Arcade) > Fred Lee (Warsaw) decision
165  Bob Shearing (Letchworth) > Roger Merrill (Warsaw) decision
165  Joe Hoffman (Arcade) > Gene Reding (Attica) decision
180  Gerald Ferington (Arcade) > Tom Marquart (Letchworth) fall
180  Pete Plowe (Attica) forfeit


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