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12th Annual NYSPHSAA Intersectional Wrestling Championships
March 8, 1974 - March 9, 1974 @ Onondaga County War Memorial (Syracuse, New York)
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1974 NYSPHSAA Intersectional Wrestling Champions
FRONT ROW: Jeff Thomas (Huntington, 98#), Mark Mysnyk (105#), Richard Earl (Valley Stream, 112#), Dan Hunt (West Genesee, 119#), Randy Gillette (Fulton, 126#), Richard Lubell (Bellmore-Kennedy-132#). BACK ROW: Frank DeAngelis (Spencerport, 138#), Tom Kremenec (Union-Endicott, 145#), Rick Armstrong (Whitney Point, 155#), Paul Cianchetti (Niagara Wheatfield, 167#), Rich McPhee (East Rochester, 177#), Bill Seismeyer (Vestal, 215#), Dan Lang (Baldwinsville, 250#). Photo by Steve Parker; provided to armdrag.com by Reed Hawke. Click for larger image.

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Babylon, Baldwinsville, Beekmantown, Bellmore JFK, Binghamton North, Brentwood Ross, Brentwood Sonderling, Brockport, Caledonia-Mumford, Christian Brothers Academy, Commack South, East Irondequoit Eastridge, East Rochester, Fayetteville-Manlius, Franklin Academy (Malone), Franklinville, Freeport, Fulton, Glens Falls, Gouverneur, Homer, Huntington, Ithaca, Jericho, Johnstown, Massapequa, Massena, Minisink Valley, Mount Pleasant, Newburgh, Niagara Falls, Niagara Wheatfield, North Shore, North Syracuse, Northern Adirondack, Olean, Pearl River, Peekskill, Peru, Pioneer, Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK, Potsdam, Ramapo, Sachem, Saranac, Saratoga Springs, Scotia-Glenville, Shenendehowa, Smithtown, South Jefferson, Spencerport, Tappan Zee, Union-Endicott, Valley Stream, Vestal, Victor, Warsaw, West Babylon, West Genesee, West Islip, Whitney Point, Williamsville South, Woodlands

Region Final

Section XI 98.5, Section V 97, Section VI 93.5, Section III 88.5, Section IV 87, Section VIII 81, Section II 45.5, Section IX 35, Section VII 26.5, Section I 22, Section X 16.5

Outstanding Wrestler Award - Frank DeAngelis (Spencerport/Section V)

Championship Final (1st)

 98  Jeff Thomas (Huntington/Section X) > Tom Buckley (CM/Section V) decision 6-5
105  Mark Mysnyk (Vestal/Section IV) > Jay Spates (Smithtown/Section XI) judge's decision 1-1
112  Richard Earl (VS/Section VIII) > Mike Arnold (Pioneer/Section VI) decision 6-1
119  Dan Hunt (WG/Section III) > Bill Fuller (Pioneer/Section VI) decision 3-0
126  Randy Gillette (Fulton/Section III) > Joe DeLucca (Babylon/Section XI) decision 9-1
132  Richard Lubell (BJFK/Section VIII) > Phil Roblee (Pioneer/Section VI) decision 3-2 (1OT)
138  Frank DeAngelis (Spencerport/Section V) > Kenny Nespler (BS/Section XI) fall 5:17
145  Tom Kremenec (UE/Section IV) > Dan Lubell (BJFK/Section VIII) decision 3-2 (1OT)
155  Rick Armstrong (WP/Section IV) > Tom Petrucci (BR/Section XI) major decision 14-2
167  Paul Cianchetti (NW/Section VI) > Joe Russo (WB/Section XI) decision 6-4
177  Rich McPhee (ER/Section V) > Mark Nichols (Shenendehowa/Section II) decision 5-0
215  Bill Selsmeyer (Vestal/Section IV) > Clarence Todd (Freeport/Section VIII) decision 10-5 (1OT)
250  Dan Lang (Baldwinsville/Section III) > Elliott Artis (Peekskill/Section I) fall 3:25

Consolation Final (3rd)

 98  Mark Iacovelli (Ithaca/Section IV) > George Medina (Baldwinsville/Section III) decision 7-2
105  Kevin Roesch (NS/Section VIII) > Phil Same (FM/Section III) decision 9-1
112  Mike Naclerio (CS/Section XI) > Robin Scott Parker (CM/Section V) decision 12-3
119  Frank Rodriquez (Ramapo/Section IX) > Joseph Davidson (Sachem/Section XI) default
126  Kurt Kaminsky (BN/Section IV) > John DeMeo (MP/Section II) decision 4-1
132  Don Roberts (Brockport/Section V) > Dick Richer (NS/Section III) decision 8-5
138  Kirk Anderson (Olean/Section VI) > Dave Cole (Baldwinsville/Section III) decision 9-3
145  Mitch Brown (WS/Section VI) > Terry Blow (NA/Section VII) decision 8-3
155  Korey Dismus (SS/Section II) > John Orr (Massapequa/Section VIII) decision 5-4
167  Gary Baxter (Spencerport/Section V) > Les Ceasar (Woodlands/Section I) decision 5-4
177  Paul Kenul (POBJFK/Section VIII) > Nate Shippee (Gouverneur/Section X) decision 3-2
215  Dave Snyder (SG/Section II) > Brad Roth (EIE/Section V) fall 2:34
250  Jim Murray (PR/Section IX) > John Hackemer (Warsaw/Section V) decision 1-0

Consolation Final (5th)

 98  Kurt Johnson (Johnstown/Section II) > Steve Halprin (FA (Malone)/Section X) decision 3-0
105  Steve Scarselletta (GF/Section II) > Bruce Converse (Massena/Section X) decision 7-5
112  Al Devins (Beekmantown/Section VII) > John Ciotoli (UE/Section IV) decision 1-0 (1OT)
119  Jim Prue (Peru/Section VII) > Ron Richman (Jericho/Section VIII) default
126  Willie Moore (NF/Section VI) > Tom Avila (Freeport/Section VIII) decision 11-2
132  Clyde Rabideau (Saranac/Section VII) > Bob Bessette (PR/Section IX) fall
138  Mike Harris (Newburgh/Section IX) > Bruce Bonville (Peru/Section VII) decision 7-6
145  Ralph DiPaola (WI/Section XI) > Hal Hoye (FA (Malone)/Section X) decision 5-4
155  Brad Ahonen (Victor/Section V) > Mike Hoff (NA/Section VII) fall
167  Bob Avery (Homer/Section IV) > Ron Jerome (SJ/Section III) decision 5-1
177  Skip Lord (Franklinville/Section VI) > Bill Cooper (MV/Section IX) fall
215  Joe Ranieri (CBA/Section III) > Steve Bello (TZ/Section IX) decision 3-1
250  Jim Briggs (NW/Section VI) > Matt McGregor (Potsdam/Section X) fall

Championship Semifinals

 98  Jeff Thomas (Huntington/Section X) > Mark Iacovelli (Ithaca/Section IV) decision 7-3
 98  Tom Buckley (CM/Section V) > Kurt Johnson (Johnstown/Section II) decision 11-4
105  Jay Spates (Smithtown/Section XI) > Phil Same (FM/Section III) major decision 18-5
105  Mark Mysnyk (Vestal/Section IV) > Steve Scarselletta (GF/Section II) decision 4-0
112  Mike Arnold (Pioneer/Section VI) > Robin Scott Parker (CM/Section V) major decision 14-0
112  Richard Earl (VS/Section VIII) > Al Devins (Beekmantown/Section VII) decision 8-3
119  Dan Hunt (WG/Section III) > Frank Rodriquez (Ramapo/Section IX) decision 1-0
119  Bill Fuller (Pioneer/Section VI) > Joseph Davidson (Sachem/Section XI) decision 11-4
126  Randy Gillette (Fulton/Section III) > Tom Avila (Freeport/Section VIII) fall
126  Joe DeLucca (Babylon/Section XI) > Kurt Kaminsky (BN/Section IV) fall
132  Phil Roblee (Pioneer/Section VI) > Don Roberts (Brockport/Section V) major decision 16-0
132  Richard Lubell (BJFK/Section VIII) > Dick Richer (NS/Section III) decision 9-8
138  Frank DeAngelis (Spencerport/Section V) > Kirk Anderson (Olean/Section VI) decision 9-3
138  Kenny Nespler (BS/Section XI) > Bruce Bonville (Peru/Section VII) decision 9-5
145  Tom Kremenec (UE/Section IV) > Mitch Brown (WS/Section VI) decision 5-3
145  Dan Lubell (BJFK/Section VIII) > Ralph DiPaola (WI/Section XI) decision 5-2
155  Rick Armstrong (WP/Section IV) > Brad Ahonen (Victor/Section V) decision 9-7
155  Tom Petrucci (BR/Section XI) > John Orr (Massapequa/Section VIII) decision 3-1
167  Joe Russo (WB/Section XI) > Ron Jerome (SJ/Section III) decision 13-4 (1OT)
167  Paul Cianchetti (NW/Section VI) > Gary Baxter (Spencerport/Section V) fall
177  Mark Nichols (Shenendehowa/Section II) > Bill Cooper (MV/Section IX) fall
177  Rich McPhee (ER/Section V) > Paul Kenul (POBJFK/Section VIII) decision 8-1
215  Clarence Todd (Freeport/Section VIII) > Brad Roth (EIE/Section V) decision 5-2
215  Bill Selsmeyer (Vestal/Section IV) > Steve Bello (TZ/Section IX) decision 7-1
250  Elliot Artis (Peekskill/Section I) > Jim Briggs (NW/Section VI) fall
250  Dan Lang (Baldwinsville/Section III) > John Hackemer (Warsaw/Section V) fall


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