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1959-1960 Brockport Blue Devils
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Rudy Aceto
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1959-1960 Brockport Blue Devils
WRESTLING. Gaining in popularity with both spectators and participants, wrestling is great for keeping athletes in shape during winter months. Besides mastering various holds and conditioning their bodies, the wrestlers also gain self-confidence that comes from knowing that they can handle opponents their own weight. CENTER: G. Nesbitt, F. Flemming. BACK ROW: Mr. Aceto, T. Faill, R. Faill, R. Davis, R. Eastman, D. Mehserle, R. Gartley, J. Mahle, D. Baker, L. Coleman, N. Hegadorn, R. Merle, P. Randazzo, C. Fox, T. Nichols, D. Welch. ABSENT: V. Avel, R. Seaman, R. Taube. SOURCE: 1960 Arista. Click for larger image.