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1921-1922 Central YMCA of Rochester Wrestling
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Athletic Director: Frederick J. Weismiller
Head Coach: Richard Weber
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1922 Rochester YMCA Wrestling Team
The Rochester YMCA wrestling team is as follows. Top row, left to right, Sam Owsowitz, Monty Childs, Rufus Anderson, A. Bartel, E. Hewer, Sol Hoffman. Seated, Morris Boslov, Dick Weber, F. J. Weismiller, physical director; Leo Schultheis, Henry Brownfield, Harold Foote. Members of the team who are not in the picture are: Kelly Phillips, Clarence Willink, Elmer Holzworth, Ed Rosenthal, Samuel Ott and Alton Childs. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Saturday, March 4, 1922. Reproduced by armdrag.com with permission. Click for larger image.