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1958-1959 Charlotte (Rochester) Lakesiders
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Arthur Teamerson
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1958-1959 Charlotte Lakesiders
WRESTLING. The Wrestling Team, plagued by a small turnout of aspirants, had a very poor season, tying East and losing the remainder of their matches. Glen Kavanaugh, after a successful 6-2 league record, fought his way to runner-up in the 133-lb. class in the City finals. KNEELING: C. Hehnly, L. Forester, M. Tighe, D. Cromey, S. Geraci, A. Woodall. STANDING: C. Wedel, G. Kavanaugh, R. Eisen, W. Hargreaves, R. Engels, R. Adams, D. Bennett. FOREGROUND: M. Carnahan, J. Coleman, Mr. Teamerson, coach. SOURCE: 1959 Witan.