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1962-1963 Addison Knights
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Glen Boylan
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1962-1963 Addison Knights Wrestling
BACK ROW: Left to Right: R. Finch, Manager G. Wade, D. Ferguson, E. Jackson, D. Yarka, R. Tyler, C. Risley, J. Aumick, D. Hoskins, C. Risley, G. Aumick, M. Knapp, R. Risley, J. Risley. FRONT ROW: T. Hotaling, F. Calkins, L. Randall, E. Hotaling, R. Putman, C. Card, J. Randall, K. Hotaling, W. Hargrave, C. Culbertson, R. Hunt, D. Randall. SOURCE: The Knight, 1963. Click for larger image.