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1967-1968 Southwestern Trojans
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Clarence Olson
Assistant Coach: Walter Thurnau
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1967-1968 Southwestern Trojans Wrestling
WRESTLING. This year's wrestling team again won the league championship, the third one in the past four years to do this. In addition, the grapplers finished the season undefeated and at the sectionals, Southwestern came in second. A part of this season can be attributed to every member of the team, as well as the excellent coaching of Mr. Olson and Mr. Thurnau. 1st Row: B. Traniello, D. Robertson, G. Swan, L. Christenson, G. Zebrowski, A. Freeberg, B. Nobbs, S. Nau, T. Morrison, G. Freed, M. Johnson. 2nd row: M. Lillietstedt, G. Bridges, J. Lindell, B. Olson, T. Anderson, J. Lydell, M. Lillielstedt, T. Danielson, M. Healy, W. Sakuta, D. Nelson, M. Andrews, G. Ross, J. Hedin, T. LaMarca. 3rd row: Coach Olson, Coach Thurnau, B. Bucklin, W. Carlson, L. Bryant, R. Lus, P. Robertson, S. DeJoseph, R. Yerkes, S. Mason, R. Cronk. SOURCE: 1968 Centralian. Click for larger image.