Computer Rankings
November 07, 2017


New for 2017-18 are the Computer Rankings. (Computer rankings for previous years have been calculated too!) These rankings are updated continuously as results are entered, and they will replace the ranking committee used in the past.

*** Like all rankings, these are just for fun and not used officially in any way. ***

Individual Ranking Formula
  • Place Points = Team Count ÷ Place Finish
  • Total = Sum of Place Points
  • Average = Total ÷ Tournaments Placed
  • Bonus (Finals) = +2 for each finals appearance
  • Bonus (1st) = +2 for each championship
  • Bonus (OW) = +2 for each OW award (individual tournaments only)
  • Bonus (FIF) = +2 for each fall in the finals
  • Score = Average + Bonus

Team Ranking Formula
  • Awards = Count of individual top 8 finishes
  • Winners = Count of unique individuals with top 8 finishes
  • Σ Avgs. = Sum of averages (from individual formula)
  • Σ Top Avgs. = Sum of top 15 averages (less for years w/ fewer weight classes)
  • Score = (Σ Top Avgs. ÷ 15) * Winners (max 15)

Must place top 8 in a tournament to earn points. No penalty for not placing. Head-to-head is not factored in. All top 8 finishes raise your total, but smaller tournaments may lower your average (even if you win). Round robin tournaments with no finals do not score as much bonus. Wrestlers are listed at lowest tournament weight this season, even if it's not their post-season weight. Formula is subject to change.

Known Issues
  • Misspelled/inconsistent names will show up as separate individuals. These must be corrected.
  • In previous years, sometimes a JV will be ranked. This will be corrected ASAP.
  • Some tournaments don't have all participating teams listed. Once those missing teams are added, earned points will increase.