Lowville wrestling standouts facing greatest challenge
February 08, 2018


LOWVILLE — Micah Roes was lounging around in his older brother Noah’s room when it became apparent that something was wrong.

Noah was nervous, the sophomore wrestler at Lowville Academy recalled, pacing around the house on the receiving end of a drawn out phone call. When Isaiah Roes, a senior, arrived home from his girlfriend’s basketball game, he too recognized something odd about his brother’s behavior.

“(Noah) ran outside and looked panicked,” Isaiah said. “I asked him what was wrong, but he didn’t say anything. He was speechless.”

All four Roes siblings, including the boys’ little sister, Hannah, 8, piled into a car and drove to Lewis County General Hospital. It was not until Isaiah and Micah overheard the doctors outside the emergency room discussing brain damage and transporting their mother to Syracuse that the children pieced it all together.