Syrian family finds new life in Canandaigua
December 22, 2018


Fleeing a civil war at home, the Damlakhi family overcome incredible odds in a journey that covered thousands of hours and miles

CANANDAIGUA — The brothers remember only so much of that night in 2011 because they did what most people do. They went to sleep.

And like most people when they sleep, they expect to wake in the same place. It’s a reasonable expectation but in 2011, the situation in Aleppo, Syria, was anything but reasonable.

With a civil war raging through the streets and growing in intensity each day, life changes. Maybe it’s minimal at first, maybe it’s just a minor inconvenience here and there.

So yes, brothers Othman, who was 11, and Mohamad Damlakhi, who was 9, were a bit cautious as they placed their heads on a pillow in their home in Aleppo. And Othman does remember drifting off to sleep.