O-G-N-I-B-E-N-E: That Spells Wrestling In Falconer
June 09, 2020


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article appeared in The Post-Journal during the 1974-75 high school wrestling season and is another in a series of “Remember When” stories.

FALCONER — You’ve heard baseball teams made up of members of one family before.

Well, how about two tag-team wrestling teams from one family? Sam, Vince, Mike and John Ognibene of Falconer could form two tag-teams, and they would be pretty darn good!

Sam and Vince are former grapplers at Falconer Central while Mike and John are currently members of the Golden Falcons’ squad.

Anyone that follows wrestling by word of mouth or by this medium has certainly heard of the Ognibenes before.