Cornell’s Vito Arujau and Gabe Dean win U.S. Senior National Titles
October 12, 2020


CORALVILLE, Iowa – Cornell wrestlers past and present brought home a pair of U.S. Senior National titles over the weekend, with junior Vito Arujau and Gabe Dean '17 earning hardware.

Arujau went 5-0 for the weekend with relative ease, winning four of his five matches by superiority. Through the first three rounds, Arujau outscored his opponents by a score of 32-0. In the finals, Arujau was down to Dylan Ragusin early by a score of 3-1, but a reversal and four turns finished the win by technical superiority.

Dean turned in an impressive return to senior level wrestling, going 5-0 and earning a Senior National title at his first competition in three years. On Saturday, Dean looked like a man amongst boys winning a pair of matches by superiority and pinning second round opponent Nathan Haas. In the finals, Dean out-lasted Princeton assistant coach Nate Jackson, 1-1, winning by criteria after both wrestlers were put on the shot clock for passivity. Dean will return to the mat in just over two weeks for FloWrestling's eight-man, 195-pound tournament on October 31.

Other Cornell related competitors included junior Max Dean, who went 3-2 at 86kg, Frank Perrelli '12, who placed fifth at 57kg and Ben Honis '19, who was unable to finish his tournament due to injury.

Vito Arujau – First Place (5-0)
Arujau vs. Jonathan Gurule, VSU, 11-0
Arujau vs. Jackson Nielsen, VSU, 10-0
Arujau vs. Jakob Camacho, VSU, 11-0
Arujau vs. Jack Mueller, VPO1, 11-6
Arujau vs. Dylan Ragusin, VSU1, 13-3

Gabe Dean – First Place (5-0)
Dean vs. Leonardo Tarantino, VSU1, 12-1
Dean vs. Nathan Haas, VFA, 4-1
Dean vs. Taylor Lujan, VSU1, 10-0
Dean vs. Trent Hidlay, VPO1, 2-1
Dean vs. Nate Jackson, VPO1, 1-1

Max Dean (3-2)
Dean vs. Brandyn Van tassel, VSU1, 12-2
Dean vs. Rocky Elam, VSU, 10-0
Dean vs. Austin Clayton, VSU, 11-0
Dean vs. Mikey Labriola, VSU, 11-0
Dean vs. Taylor Lujan, VSU1, 13-2

Ben Honis (0-2)
Honis vs. Eric Schultz, VPO1, 10-6
Honis vs. Joseph Relmers, VIN, 0-0

Frank Perrelli - Fifth Place (5-2)
Perrelli vs. Jackson Henson, VSU, 10-0
Perrelli vs.Antonio Saldate, VSU1, 12-2
Perrelli vs. Sean Russell, VPO1, 3-2
Perrelli vs. Brody Teske, VSU, 10-0
Perrelli vs. Shelton Mack, VSU1, 13-2
Perrelli vs. Jack Mueller, VFA, 6-5
Perrelli vs. Sam Latona, VSU , 11-0