Death, Taxes, and Deprez to Binghamton
August 26, 2021


Remember growing up as a kid, there was always that one family in the neighborhood with tough kids? And no one ever wanted to mess with them, to smartly avoid a hefty hospital bill? Now imagine that family has four boys who are competitive, pushing each other to become better at everything they do. And sometimes, there may or may not have been some bloodshed and an inevitable ER visit. Fast forward a decade or so, and all brothers become Division I wrestlers, at the same university. This is the story of the Deprez (pronounced "deh-pray") brothers, of Binghamton University.

Vincent and Anthony are the oldest brothers, who happen to be twins. They graduated from Binghamton University in 2019. Lou is next in line and will graduate this calendar year. Lastly, Sam is the baby of the family who intends to graduate in 2023.