Waterloo High School announces start of girls wrestling program
October 12, 2022


WATERLOO, N.Y. - Being a student-athlete can be tough, but for Maddison Westerberg, who plays volleyball and softball, and has been on the boys varsity wrestling team since the eighth grade, being an athlete is something she loves.

It's something she's had a lot of practice with. Westerberg has been wrestling since she was 9. She took first place in the 2021-2022 Monroe County League Girls Wrestling Tournament and she is among the top in the nation for girls wrestling.

"I initially started to stay in shape for softball and I just slowly got into the sport when I was young and it stuck," said Westerberg, who is a sophomore at Waterloo High School.

But after years of having to wrestle for the boys team, the school has officially announced the start of a girls wrestling program this coming season.