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1962-1963 Brighton Barons
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Herbert Carlberg
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1962-1963 Brighton Barons
WRESTLING. The wrestling team finished with a highly respectable 10-won, 4-lost record. Forty-five boys participated on the squad this year. BOTTOM ROW: S. Berner, G. Booth, D. Gasink, J. Green, S. Houston, M. Moede, D. Drees, G. Harper, D. Jermyn, K. Fisher, G. McGuire, W. Williams. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Carlberg, G. Owen, K. Takeuchi, G. Holdren, H. Shulman, T. Knickels, M. Karch, S. Appelbaum, J. Roux, E. Brown, E. Appelbaum, C. Prise, N. Seide, R. Pearlman, Coach Hendrickson. BACK ROW: D. Clark, P. Stevens, R. Kern, J. Heyer, G. DuBois, B. Davison, D. Hill, A. Haslett, J. Termato, F. Smith, J. O'Connor, R. Miller, J. Redenty, R. Capabianco, R. Sullivan, J. Barge. SOURCE: 1963 Crossroads. Click for larger image.