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1955-1956 Maryvale Flyers
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Head Coach: Matthew Szydlowski
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1955-1956 Maryvale Flyers
WRESTLING. Maryvale's wrestling team completed the season with a 5-8 record. FRONT: L. Russo, M. Valentic, E. Schaefer, C. Maurer, R. Cromwell, D. Mansfield, W. Swerland, D. Valentic. MIDDLE: J. Fitzgerald, A. Kennedy, J. Owens, P. Behm, R. Billo, J. D'Agostino, R. Rugg, L. Ferris. BACK: B. Jones, R. Wohlert, R. Jordan, J. Maurer, R. Rdabe, J. Barlow, Mr. Szydlowski, D. Merritt, W. Broad, P. Vandrei, N. Milley, J. Paff, J. Valentic, C. DiRosa. SOURCE: 1956 Towagan. Click for larger image.