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1957-1958 Marshall (Rochester) Jurists
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Kenneth R. Davis
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1957-1958 Marshall Jurists
Last winter's wrestling team finished the season with five wins and three losses. The top winners, coached by Mr. Davis, were the 1957 Sectional Champs Bob Alman and Ben Miles. Benny also won the award for the 1956-57 season's outstanding city wrestler. Two other constant winners were Dick Ernest and Dick McKercher. FOREGROUND: R. Alman, B. Miles. FRONT ROW: D. Gallager, P. Weld, N. Bartolf, Coach Davis, J. Cavallaro, J. Malin, P. Edgeton. MIDDLE ROW: D. McKercher, W. Haefele, S. Bender, R. Kitz, L. Jones, M. Cronmiller, D. Swartz, S. Carlin, R. Lazier. BACK ROW: A. Guarino, F. Romano, G. Lejnieks, R. Ernest, J. Shawhan, A. Jardine, W. Watkins, J. Shannon, D. Micciche. SOURCE: John Quill, John Marshall High, 1958. NOTE: Although from the 1958 yearbook, the above write-up (and possibly the picture) are from the 1956-57 team. Click for larger image.