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1958-1959 Marshall (Rochester) Jurists
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Louis Spiotti
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1958-59 Marshall Jurists
This year's wrestling team consisted almost entirely of new boys. They were able to finish the season with a 2 win, 6 loss record under Coach Spiotti. The team, aided by varsity performers Cronmiller and Cavallaro, hopes to enjoy a better season next year when six varsity men will return for a new wrestling season. FOREGROUND: Coach Spiotti, J. Cavallaro, M. Cronmiller. FRONT ROW: R. Emma, P. Ceravoli, P. Goodman, D. Chapman, D. Speciale, K. Klein, J. Cody, J. Cashette, P. Weld, D. Gallagher, R. Rider. BACK ROW: J. Shawhan, T. Frank, E. McGruder, R. Hahn, R. Romano, J. Gilmore, B. Kendig, J. Cashette, G. Goetz, L. Files, N. Klick, A. Gareno, T. Martin, N. Bardhoff, R. Offenberger, J. Valentine, W. Aab. SOURCE: John Quill, John Marshall High, 1959. Click for larger image.