★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Meet History
2nd Annual EIWA Championships
April 6, 1906 @ Columbia University (New York City, New York)
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Yale Wrestlers Win
COLUMBIA AND PENN TIE FOR SECOND PLACE--HOWELL'S FAST BOUT. Last night in the Gymnasium, before a fair sized audience, Columbia tied for second place in the second annual Intercollegiate Wrestling meet. The bouts were close and exciting and the spectators showed great interest and enthusiasm. SOURCE: Columbia Spectator, Saturday, April 7, 1906. Click for larger image.

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Varsity Men

Team Final

Yale University [CT] 7, Columbia University 5, University of Pennsylvania [PA] 5, Princeton University [NJ] 4

Championship Final (1st)

115  Charles Murphy (YU) > J.F. Cross (PU) fall 7:00
125  George Dole (YU) > W.W. Wise (CU) fall 5:40
135  Charles Brown (UP) > A.S. Shimmon (CU) time advantage decision
145  Joseph Howell (CU) > B.P. Joyce (UP) fall 5:20
158  Bill Bomar (YU) > E.P. Kilroe (CU)
175  Robert Folwell (UP) > John Dickson (PU) fall 5:00
HWT  Don Herring (PU) > H.S. Page (YU) fall 0:23

Championship Semifinals

115  Charles Murphy (YU) > I. Bloom (CU) time advantage decision 9:00
115  J.F. Cross (PU) > M.S. Pettit (UP) fall 1:05
125  George Dole (YU) > E.O. Howell (PU) time advantage decision 9:00
125  W.W. Wise (CU) > E.C. Marble (UP) time advantage decision 9:00
135  A.S. Shimmon (CU) > E. Latimer (PU) time advantage decision 12:00
135  Charles Brown (UP) > C.F. Sweeney (CU) time advantage decision 9:00
145  B.P. Joyce (UP) > A.H. Ormond (PU) fall
145  Joseph Howell (CU) > Louis Dole (YU) time advantage decision
158  Bill Bomar (YU) > Bill Tolliver (PU) time advantage decision
158  E.P. Kilroe (CU) > C.F. Lewis (UP) time advantage decision
175  Robert Folwell (UP) > H.B. Post (CU) fall 3:35
175  John Dickson (PU) > Don Somers (YU) time advantage decision 15:00
HWT  Don Herring (PU) > G. McCullough (UP) fall 1:35
HWT  H.S. Page (YU) > F.J. Echeverria (CU) time advantage decision 12:00


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