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1992-1993 Alexander Trojans
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Paul Santoro
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1992-1993 Alexander Trojans
WRESTLING. FRONT ROW: S. Kwiatek (manager), B. Schaal, D. Hallows (captain), J. Gilmore, M. Kaus (manager). MIDDLE ROW: T. Gilmore (captain), G. Brown, A. Smith, J. Becker, P. Bodkins, A. Page. BACK ROW: P. Santoro (coach), G. Goodenbury, R. Murray, G. Day, J. Davis, T. Marzolf, D. Spicer (asst. coach). SOURCE: The Al-Ces Record, 1993. Provided by the Wassink family. Click for larger image.