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1950-1951 Geneva Panthers
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Ed Cuony
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1950-1951 Geneva Panthers
The wrestling team begins training rather early in the Fall and continues far into the Spring season. They have a regular period of instruction under the guidance of Mr. Cuony. Their schedule is well filled. FRONT ROW: A. Yannoti, D. Vistocco, K. Wheeler, F. Ottley, F. Moracco (captain), L. Fenner, W. Jensen, D. Mathews. MIDDLE ROW: D. Mann, H. Farnsworth, S. Sindoni, P. Guererri, P. Maio, J. Thornton, P. Augustine. BACK ROW: Mr. Cuony (coach), R. Richards, B. Nebel, F. Pane, S. Brewer, V. Izzo, M. Stivers, E. Moracco. SOURCE: Seneca Saga, 1951. Click for larger image.