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1979-1980 Irondequoit Indians
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Head Coach: Arthur Connorton
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1979-1980 Irondequoit Indians Varsity Wrestling Team
The 1979-80 Varsity Indians were Monroe County and Section V Class AAA champions. VARSITY ROSTER: Scott Pearson, Bob Lehman, Tim Lehman, Chris Cotroneo, Tony Cotroneo, Jim Brault, Preston Stahl, Scott Simpson, Bret Simpson, Rob Gengelbach, George Heeks, Paul Salamone, George Morgan, Dalhart Payne, Tim Oliver . The JV Indians were also Monroe County Champions. JV ROSTER: Joe Ventura, Todd Simpson, Jeff Brault, Jay Salamone, James Spallina, Shawn Whipple, CJ Dominic, Frank Redden. Photo provided by James Spallina. Click for larger image.