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1971-1972 Brighton Barons
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Head Coach: Duncan Ververs
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1971-1972 Brighton Barons Varsity Wrestling
The Varsity grapplers, under Mr. Ververs, took their lumps in the first half of the year, in compiling a 1-4 record. They hoped to improve on their individual skills for the remainder of the season. Leading the matmen were Mike Behrendt, Dave Dietrich, Dave Carr, and George Reynolds -- all of whom had very respectable records. Top Row: M. Behrendt, D. Dietrich, C. Rinaldis, D. Carr, G. Reynolds, T. DeVitto. First Row: C. Toth, A. Arthur, T. Miller, T. Formicola, J. Palumbos, E. Gager. SOURCE: 1972 Crossroads. Click for larger image.


Junior Varsity