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2007-2008 South Seneca Falcons
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: John Barkee
Assistant Coach: Dan Erickson
Assistant Coach: Ken Sweet
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2007-08 South Seneca Falcons
WRESTLING. The Falcons are pictured at Cornell University's Friedman Wrestling Center on February 2, 2008 prior to their match against Attica. FRONT ROW: Assistant Coach Dan Erickson, Head Coach John Barkee, Halsey Huff, Collin English, Ian Wagner, Tucker MacIntosh, Brock Williams, Manager Kristen Brotzman, Assistant Coach Ken Sweet. MIDDLE ROW: Manager Nichole Hoecker, Donovan Pinette, Brandon Brock, Cody Ripa, Kyle Sweet, Jamie Hollis, Hayden Wagner, Jacob Perry, Manager Ashley Notebaert. BACK ROW: Jared Sipes, Matt Wyckoff, Chris Stephens, Nate Shields, Robert Carroll, Andrew Parker, Ken Landers, Mike Russell, Manager Courtney Healy. Photo by D. Wagner. Click for larger image.