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1960-1961 Irondequoit Indians
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Arthur Connorton
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1960-1961 Irondequoit Indians
Wrestling, only in its second year as an inter-scholastic sport at IHS, gained more victories and much popularity last winter. Mr. Arthur Connorton, coach, taught the group many new techniques and maneuvers at the nightly practices that began with strengthening calisthenics. The matches consisted of three three-minute periods in each of the twelve weight divisions, which ranged from ninety-five pounds to the unlimited class. The experience achieved by the underclassmen will provide confidence and higher spirit during next year's season. FOREGROUND: R. Stiehler, R. Stiehler. FRONT ROW: J. Southard, F. Willson, F. Weeks, L. Correll, R. Wolf, D. Powell, D. Scribner, B. Strathern, Mr. Arthur Connorton (coach). BACK ROW: L. Schultz, R. Vance, K. Stapley, D. Hopkins, M. Grosodonia, A. Kirby, R. Lockwood, D. Mann (manager). SOURCE: Neodaondaquat. Click for larger image.