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Wyoming County Wrestling Championships
February 18, 1957 - February 20, 1957 @ Warsaw Central School (Warsaw, New York)
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Letchworth Star Rallies For Win
Heavyweight wrestler Hal Kemp of Letchworth Central School, behind in points, 10-6, with only 10 seconds remaining, rallied for five points in that short space of time to decision Arcade's Bob Fillion, 11-10, in the feature of the Wyoming County League finals. SOURCE: Buffalo Evening News, February 21, 1957. Reproduced by armdrag.com with permission. Click for larger image.



Arcade, Attica, Letchworth, Perry, Warsaw

Championship Final (1st)

 95  John Adrian (Perry) > Don Tucker (Letchworth) decision
103  David Burg (Attica) > Philip Mucher (Letchworth) decision
112  Manfred Wolcott (Attica) > Roger Salamone (Warsaw) fall
120  Jim Royce (Attica) > Al Carpenter (Letchworth) decision
127  Charles Bailey (Perry) > Jared Barlow (Letchworth) decision
133  Robert Green (Perry) > James Madison (Letchworth) decision
138  William Miller (Letchworth) > Dick McNally (Warsaw) decision
145  Jim Kennedy (Perry) > Dave Cox (Letchworth) decision
154  Leonard LoVerde (Perry) > Bob Hopkins (Arcade) decision
165  Ken Smith (Letchworth) > Louis Rozanski (Perry) referee's decision
175  David Weiss (Letchworth) > Don Bennion (Perry) decision
HWT  Harold Kemp (Letchworth) > Bob Fillion (Arcade) decision 11-10

Championship Semifinals

 95  John Adrian (Perry) > Ted Bosworth (Arcade) decision
 95  Don Tucker (Letchworth) > Dick Williams (Warsaw) decision
103  David Burg (Attica) > John Hayes (Warsaw) fall
103  Philip Mucher (Letchworth) > Dave Melhollen (Perry) fall
112  Manfred Wolcott (Attica) > Warren Bailey (Letchworth) decision
112  Roger Salamone (Warsaw) > Larry Davis (Perry) default
120  Jim Royce (Attica) > Nunzio Cicero (Perry) fall
120  Al Carpenter (Letchworth) > Jim Killion (Arcade) decision
127  Jared Barlow (Letchworth) > Clarence Newell (Arcade) fall
127  Charles Bailey (Perry) > Tom Smith (Attica) fall
133  Robert Green (Perry) > Dennis Walrod (Arcade) fall
133  James Madison (Letchworth) > John Appleby (Warsaw) fall
138  William Miller (Letchworth) > Larry McClurg (Perry) decision
138  Dick McNally (Warsaw) > Bob Fitzgerald (Attica) decision
145  James Kennedy (Perry) > Dick Winch (Arcade) fall
145  Dave Cox (Letchworth) > Donald Nourse (Warsaw) decision
154  Leonard LoVerde (Perry) > Dave Shearing (Letchworth) decision
154  Bob Hopkins (Arcade) > Russ Eck (Warsaw) decision
165  Louis Rozanski (Perry) > Lavern Farr (Warsaw) fall
165  Ken Smith (Letchworth) > Paul Spink (Attica) decision
175  David Weiss (Letchworth) > Hubert Koch (Arcade) fall
175  Don Bennion (Perry) > George Taylor (Warsaw) fall
HWT  Bob Fillion (Arcade) > Gary Crawford (Warsaw) fall
HWT  Harold Kemp (Letchworth) > Dave Korytkowski (Attica) fall


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