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1963-1964 Irondequoit Indians
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Head Coach: Arthur Connorton
Assistant Coach: Ken Slater
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1963-1964 Irondequoit Indians
VARSITY WRESTLING. A number of skilled performers under Coach Connerton helped bring the I.H.S. Varsity Wrestlers to a final 12-2-1 record. FLOOR: Jay Whipple (captain). FRONT ROW: R. Hess, Richard Clintsman, Richard Steihler (co-captain), J. Griffen, (+ 2 NAMES MISSING). ROW 2: T. Huse, Tom Borshoff, W. Ralston, L. D'Angelo, P. Kramer. ROW 3: C. Winters, P. Harrison, Mr. Art Connerton (coach), P. Spahn, G. Stingle. BACK ROW: B. Frederes, D. Menges, M. Lill, K. Matzky, A. Portanova. SOURCE: 1964 Neodaondaquat. Click for larger image.


Junior Varsity