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4th Annual Rochester Interscholastic League Wrestling Championships
March 16, 1926 - March 18, 1926 @ Monroe Jr. High School (Rochester, New York)
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Tech and West Wrestlers in Mat Victories
BOTH SCHOOLS TAKE TRIO OF FIRST PLACES IN SCHOLASTIC MEET. Tech High and West High divided honors in the Interscholastic individual Mat Tournament, which was concluded yesterday afternoon at Monroe Junior High. Both schools had three winners while East High and Monroe took the other two matches. Kodak and Charlotte failed to show a winner although both were represented in the finals yesterday. Gold medals will be given to the victors in each division while the men who earned their way to the finals will be given silver medals for second place. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Friday, March 19, 1926. Reproduced by armdrag.com with permission. Click for larger image.


Team Final

Edison Tech (Rochester) 3, West High (Rochester) 3, East High (Rochester) 1, Monroe (Rochester) 1, Charlotte (Rochester) 0, Kodak High (Rochester) 0

Championship Final (1st)

105  Robinson (ETR) > Joseph Vallone (WHR) time advantage decision 9:00
112  Ebner (ETR) > Carl Brucker (EHR) fall 6:37
118  Sol Shapiro (EHR) > Floyd Newcomb (ETR) default
126  Joseph Magro (WHR) > David Jardine (KHR) fall 4:12
135  Earl Feary (ETR) > Holloway (CR) default
147  Gomer Stelljes (WHR) > James Lapi (EHR) time advantage decision 9:00
160  Augustine Felli (WHR) > Seibert (ETR) time advantage decision 9:00
175  John Williams (MR) > James Hooker (WHR) time advantage decision 9:00

Championship Semifinals

105  Joseph Vallone (WHR) > Bell (ETR) fall 1:20
105  Robinson (ETR) > Jones (CR) fall 2:45
112  Carl Brucker (EHR) > Allan Bates (WHR) time advantage decision 6:00
112  Ebner (ETR) > Gordon Barons (WHR) time advantage decision 10:00
126  Joseph Magro (WHR) > Meyer Hollander (EHR) time advantage decision 6:00
126  David Jardine (KHR) > Stein (EHR) time advantage decision 6:00
135  Holloway (CR) > William Benz (EHR) time advantage decision 6:00
135  Earl Feary (ETR) > Nelson Cooper (WHR) time advantage decision 10:00
160  Seibert (ETR) > Selkirk (ETR) fall 2:25
160  Augustine Felli (WHR) > Grant Miller (KHR) time advantage decision 6:00
175  John Williams (MR) > Holland (WHR) fall 5:45
175  James Hooker (WHR)


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