23rd Annual NYSPHSAA Intersectional Wrestling Championships
Wrestling Tournament
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March 1, 1985 - March 2, 1985 @ Onondaga County War Memorial (Syracuse, New York)


1985 NYSPHSAA Intersectional Wrestling Champions
FRONT ROW: Daryl Page (Elmira Notre Dame-4), Jeff Prescott (Olean-6), Doug Keys (Port Jervis-9), Richard Pidgeon (Locust Valley-8), Joel Lamson (Waterloo-5), Ray Downey, Jr. (Dear Park-11), Mark Billups (Huntington-11). BACK ROW: Michael Bevilacqua (Berner-8), Steve Shone (Bayport-Bluepoint-11), Gerry Amengau (Levittown-8), Jason Morris (Burnt Hills-2), Chris Schojan (East Rochester-5), Jeff Ellis (Clarence-6), George Korthas (Central Square-3). Provided to armdrag.com by NYS Wrestling Chairman Reed Hawke. Click for larger image.



Amityville, Amsterdam, Baldwinsville, Bayport-Blue Point, Berner, Brighton, Brockport, Burnt Hills, Canandaigua, Canastota, Central Square, Chaminade, Clarence, Clarkstown South, Commack South, Connetquot, Cortland, Deer Park, East Rochester, East Syracuse-Minoa, Edison Tech (Rochester), Elmira Notre Dame, Falconer, Farmingdale, Fox Lane, Fulton, Huntington, Island Trees, Ithaca, Johnstown, Jordan-Elbridge, Levittown Division, Liverpool, Locust Valley, Long Beach, Longwood, Maine-Endwell, Marion, Massena, McQuaid Jesuit, Mepham, Mount Vernon, New Paltz, Newburgh, North Rockland, Northern Adirondack, Odessa-Montour, Olean, Oneonta, Ossining, Pearl River, Pine Bush, Port Jervis, Royalton-Hartland, Salem, Shoreham-Wading River, Sleepy Hollow, South Side, Sweet Home, Union Springs, Voorheesville, Walton, Wantagh, Waterloo, Watervliet, Waverly, West Islip, Whitehall, Williamsville North, Williamsville South

Region Final

Section XI 188, Section I 161.5, Section VIII 158, Section III 154.5, Section IV 150, Section V 146.5, Section II 140.5, Section VI 129.5, Section IX 91, Section X 31.5, CHSAA 26, PSAL 5, Section VII 5

Outstanding Wrestler Award - Ray Downey, Jr. (DP/Section XI)

Championship Final (1st)

 91  Daryl Page (END/Section IV) > Brian Darling (JE/Section III) decision 4-3
 98  Jeff Prescott (Olean/Section VI) > Shannon Derouchie (Massena/Section X) superior decision 13-1
105  Doug Keyes (PJ/Section IX) > Ricky Brzozinski (WI/Section XI) decision 6-5
112  Richard Pidgeon (LV/Section VIII) > Rob Waddington (Falconer/Section VI) decision 8-6
119  Joel Lamson (Waterloo/Section V) > Anthony Melfi (Connetquot/Section XI) decision 8-5
126  Ray Downey, Jr. (DP/Section XI) > Dick Bouzakis (PB/Section IX) fall 4:45
132  Mark Billups (Huntington/Section XI) > Nathan Van Duzer (Brockport/Section V) decision 5-2
138  Michael Bevilacqua (Berner/Section VIII) > Mike Scott (MQJ/Section V) decision 8-4
145  Steve Shone (BBP/Section XI) > Pat Duthie (Ithaca/Section IV) major decision 10-2
155  Gerry Armengau (LD/Section VIII) > Mark Taylor (MV/Section I) decision 10-4
167  Jason Morris (BH/Section II) > Clifton Grant (MV/Section I) decision 9-5
177  Chris Schojan (ER/Section V) > Vince Toscano (Oneonta/Section IV) major decision 13-2
215  Jeffrey Ellis (Clarence/Section VI) > Peter Valois (CS/Section I) decision 9-7
250  George Korthas (CS/Section III) > Larry Farrell (Watervliet/Section II) fall 3:13

Consolation Final (3rd)

 91  Lou Rosselli (RH/Section VI) > Lee Coulter (SWR/Section XI) decision 8-2
 98  Michael Caracci (LB/Section VIII) > Troy Monks (OM/Section IV) decision 2-1 (1OT)
105  Stanley Greene (FL/Section I) > Chip Pettit (Baldwinsville/Section III) decision 8-4
112  Phil Consiglio (NR/Section I) > Paul Lamphier (Canandaigua/Section V) major decision 14-3
119  John Howard (Fulton/Section III) > Tom Ryan (Wantagh/Section VIII) decision 4-2
126  Treavor Erney (ME/Section IV) > James O'Connell (PR/Section I) decision 5-4 (1OT)
132  Jim Mosley (US/Section IV) > Joe Macchia (IT/Section VIII) fall 2:50
138  Joe Herrmann (Connetquot/Section XI) > Nick Zupan (Canastota/Section III) decision 8-4
145  Mike Cronmiller (ETR/Section V) > Mark Sabo (Whitehall/Section II)
155  Kevin Gebo (Whitehall/Section II) > Russ Ellers (Waverly/Section IV) decision 8-2
167  Greg Linkner (SS/Section VIII) > Matt Pisciotta (NP/Section IX) forfeit
177  James Collins (Amityville/Section XI) > Don Ridenhour (Ossining/Section I) decision 8-3
215  Eric Peck (Johnstown/Section II) > Randy Cotton (Fulton/Section III) fall 2:13
250  Brian Schoenle (WS/Section VI) > David Fogarty (Walton/Section IV) fall 2:54

Consolation Final (5th)

 91  Al Rabinowitz (CS/Section I) > Marty Dixon (Farmingdale/Section VIII) major decision 11-0
 98  Keith Ketcham (Longwood/Section XI) > Jeff Jarvis (Salem/Section II) decision 8-3
105  Mike Thomas (Amsterdam/Section II) > Glen Rommel (Mepham/Section VIII) decision 7-1
112  Chris Labbate (ESM/Section III) > Al Charland (NA/Section VII) fall 1:56
119  Tom Martin (Waverly/Section IV) > Paul Weber (Newburgh/Section I) major decision 12-2
126  Jeff Genovesi (Voorheesville/Section II) > Tom Gauck (IT/Section VIII) decision 9-7
132  Robbie Allison (NR/Section I) > Rob Price (Cortland/Section III) default
138  Mike Picozzi (PR/Section I) > Jace McKeighan (Salem/Section II) decision 8-4
145  Kevin Bos (SH/Section VI) > Dan Drake (Liverpool/Section III) major decision 16-5
155  Drew Jackson (Huntington/Section XI) > Tim Habecker (Marion/Section V) decision 4-1
167  Tom McCarthy (BBP/Section XI) > Jeff Gabler (Olean/Section VI) default
177  Jim Mason (Canastota/Section III) > Tom Chirayeth (WN/Section VI) decision 9-7
215  Robert Murphy (Chaminade/CHSAA) > Mike Van Horn (Brighton/Section V) decision 3-2
250  Mike Constantatos (CS/Section XI) > Tyrone Palmer (SH/Section I) decision 9-5

Championship Semifinals

 91  Brian Darling (JE/Section III) > Marty Dixon (Farmingdale/Section VIII) decision 10-4
 91  Daryl Page (END/Section IV) > Lou Rosselli (RH/Section VI) decision 7-5
 98  Jeff Prescott (Olean/Section VI) > Keith Ketcham (Longwood/Section XI) superior decision 15-1
 98  Shannon Derouchie (Massena/Section X) > Jeff Jarvis (Salem/Section II) decision 5-1
105  Ricky Brzozinski (WI/Section XI) > Stanley Greene (FL/Section I) decision 7-2
105  Doug Keyes (PJ/Section IX) > Glen Rommel (Mepham/Section VIII) fall 2:19
112  Rob Waddington (Falconer/Section VI) > Paul Lamphier (Canandaigua/Section V) decision 8-1
112  Richard Pidgeon (LV/Section VIII) > Phil Consiglio (NR/Section I) fall 5:33
119  Joel Lamson (Waterloo/Section V) > Tom Martin (Waverly/Section IV) decision 8-2
119  Anthony Melfi (Connetquot/Section XI) > Tom Ryan (Wantagh/Section VIII) decision 6-4
126  Ray Downey, Jr. (DP/Section XI) > James O'Connell (PR/Section I) decision 12-11 (1OT)
126  Dick Bouzakis (PB/Section IX) > Tom Gauck (IT/Section VIII) fall 3:24
132  Mark Billups (Huntington/Section XI) > Rob Price (Cortland/Section III) decision 8-4
132  Nathan Van Duzer (Brockport/Section V) > Robbie Allison (NR/Section I) decision 4-2
138  Michael Bevilacqua (Berner/Section VIII) > Jace McKeighan (Salem/Section II) major decision 14-6
138  Mike Scott (MQJ/Section V) > Mike Picozzi (PR/Section I) decision 7-2
145  Steve Shone (BBP/Section XI) > Mike Cronmiller (ETR/Section V) decision 7-3
145  Pat Duthie (Ithaca/Section IV) > Dan Drake (Liverpool/Section III) decision 5-3
155  Gerry Armengau (LD/Section VIII) > Russ Ellers (Waverly/Section IV) fall 0:55
155  Mark Taylor (MV/Section I) > Kevin Gebo (Whitehall/Section II) fall 2:30
167  Jason Morris (BH/Section II) > Matt Pisciotta (NP/Section IX) fall 4:44
167  Clifton Grant (MV/Section I) > Greg Linkner (SS/Section VIII) decision 10-9 (1OT)
177  Vince Toscano (Oneonta/Section IV) > Don Ridenhour (Ossining/Section I) major decision 19-10
177  Chris Schojan (ER/Section V) > James Collins (Amityville/Section XI) decision 4-1
215  Jeffrey Ellis (Clarence/Section VI) > Mike Van Horn (Brighton/Section V) major decision 12-4
215  Peter Valois (CS/Section I) > Robert Murphy (Chaminade/CHSAA) decision 10-6
250  George Korthas (CS/Section III) > Mike Constantatos (CS/Section XI) major decision 8-0
250  Larry Farrell (Watervliet/Section II) > Tyrone Palmer (SH/Section I) fall 5:45


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